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Helen’s book ‘How To Improve Your Singing’ (with accompanying CD) is for singers and choir directors wishing to improve their vocal skills and knowledge of the voice. The exercises included in the book are written in the form of miniature songs, canons and technical exercises. Clearly explained, with plenty of tips on how and what to practise, the book is an invaluable resource for anyone who loves singing and would like to improve their knowledge and skill.

Within UK: £22 incl P&P
Outside UK: £25 incl P&P

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book how to improve your singing
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The Truth teller book cover

The Truth Teller

The Truth Teller is the second book in the Steven Honest trilogy. It continues Steven’s adventures in a world of mystery and danger, where not everyone can be trusted to act in the best interest of mankind.
More than a century ago a mysterious mine captain chose to pass on his treasured possession to Steven. He must now avoid it falling into the wrong hands...

Within UK: £11.95 incl P&P
Europe: £15.20 incl P&P
Outside Europe: £17.90 incl P&P

Petrus Ursem, 'The Truth Teller', published by Gresham House Studios Ltd.
(Paperback, 348 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9955717-1-6).

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The Fortune of the Seventh Stone

In 'The Fortune of the Seventh Stone' thirteen years old Steven Honest accidentally discovers a coded message from a 19th century mine captain. The miner's mysterious words challenge him to find a promised fortune. He starts a journey during which he discovers himself, friendship and the power of words.

“An amazing book, beautifully written. The treasure hunt cleverly links all the different places and events together. At points, it seems that all is lost and it feels like you have just been punched in the stomach, but it keeps you wanting to read more, right up to the end of the book.”
Enid Kirk, 11 yrs.

Within UK: £12.85 incl P&P
Europe: £15.60 incl P&P
Outside Europe: £17.80 incl P&P

Petrus Ursem, 'The Fortune of the Seventh Stone', published by Gresham House Studios Ltd. (Hardback, 252 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9955717-0-9).

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fortune of the seventh stone book cover