Art Workshops

Saturday and Sunday 18 & 19 June
Starting time each day: 10.30am; finishing 4.30pmMaterials and lunch included.
Cost: Non-Residential £160; Residential £210 (including one night B&B and Saturday Supper)
NB: It is possible to book onto this workshop for one day only, either Saturday or Sunday. Tuition will be adapted to your needs. Cost for one day: £80.

In its basic form lino printing is a simple black and white printing method, suitable for bold and striking images. And once you get going, there is so much more to discover: how to build strong pictorial compositions, work with foreground and background, create black and white ‘drama’, work with textures etc.

During this weekend workshop Peter will guide you through the main steps of the lino printing process, starting with a first sketch and working this up to a suitable design for transferring onto the lino block, the best ways of cutting it, and finally printing it using Peter’s Victorian printing press. At the end of the first day you’ll have a good understanding of the whole process, a first print finished and you’ll be very excited about the possibilities of lino printing.

The second day will focus on creating a second print, this time using two or three colours, and finding out how you can make sure that all printed colours will end up in the correct place in your image.

Saturday and Sunday 9 & 10 July
Starting time each day: 10.30am; finishing 4.30pm
Materials and lunch included.
Cost: Non-Residential £160, Residential £210 (including one night B&B and Saturday Supper)

The focus of this weekend is on various approaches to drawing. So often, when people think or say that they ‘can’t draw’, they mean that they can’t immediately draw what they see. However, the pleasure of drawing goes so much further than creating a copy on paper of what you see.

This weekend is for people who would like to experiment and discover. The workshop also contains formal elements, such as drawing from observation (understanding proportions, direction, perspective) and tonal values, but it will in equal measure explore mark-making, layering and expression. We’ll explore different materials, subject matters and approaches and discover the absolute delight that happens when a drawings (abstract or representational) begins to speak.

Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 July
Max 6 participants
Cost: Non-residential £385; Residential £475

Peter and Helen exchange their teaching hats for aprons alternately, and the emphasis is on creativity, relaxation, lovely food and good conversation, all in the comfort of Gresham House, it’s wonderful surrounding countryside and well equipped studios. But don’t be mistaken: the dose of inspiration, skills and artistic satisfaction to be gathered during these four creative days is considerable! Walking and sketching along the river Tamar, group singing and songwriting, harmony singing and evening soiree are all on the menu, as well as time to snooze in the sunshine if necessary. If you like the idea of a relaxing creative holiday, with inspiration, musical and artistic nurturing at the heart of it, this is for you.

Friday to Sunday 29-31 July
Starting time each day: 10.00am; finishing 5.00pm.
Materials and lunch included.
Cost: Non-Residential £240; Residential £340 (including two nights B&B/Supper)

This workshop is for people who would like to work as a group and illustrate a selection of fables (short animal stories) in prints (or other form of illustration) creating a small storybook. We’ll look at the relationship between word and image, interpretation, the story-telling aspects of an illustration, as well as at drawing/painting or printmaking to enrich the fables with imagery.

The stories will be taken from Peter’s collection of fables ‘The Bigger Picture’, each of which suggest a broad range of visual material to spark your imagination. During the final day there will be an exchange of images, added to the text pages, covers and endpapers, and a final session to bind all together into a unique handmade book to take home and treasure.

Throughout the year…
Throughout the year Peter runs a weekly Print Club on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to Throughout the year Peter runs a weekly Print Club on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8.30pm. This is for artist who want to benefit from the regular routine of lino printing weekly, exchanging ideas and possibilities with other printmakers and from Peter’s practical and artistic encouragement. The Print Club currently has space for new members. Cost is £10 per session (pay as you go) plus de cost of the materials you may purchase/use. For information, please contact Peter via the contact page.

The Art Workshops —what to expect

All workshops are equally suitable for complete beginners of participants with more creative experience. You can expect an enjoyable creative time with lots of encouragement, but the workshops also require concentration and commitment. You’ll be surprised what wonderful results you can achieve in a day… Some people will bring photos to work from and, although there is nothing wrong with using photographic images as a starting point, you will find that Peter will try to steer you away from trying to copy a photo too literally. Drawing and experimentation are the key to most art and print forms, and easier than you think….

About the studio and what to bring

Peter’s studio is fully equipped with presses, inking benches and rollers, and all the materials (linoleum, tracing papers, printing papers and ink) as well as the use of professional cutters and a home-cooked lunch are included in this workshop.
Please bring some sketching materials for yourself, a sketchbook or paper, pencils or marker pens, and possibly a little acrylic paint (black and white), and wear ‘studio clothes’ or an apron. The inks we use are oil-based and may leave stains on your clothes…
The printing workshops include all printing materials to be used. For the other workshops, please bring a selection of your own paints and drawing materials.

Any questions?

Get in touch via our contacts page.
You can find examples of Peter’s own linoprints on his website: