The Bigger Picture


Forty Friendly Fables full of wit and imagination



The Bigger Picture — Forty Friendly Fables

‘The Bigger Picture’ is a heartwarming collection of animal stories full of wit, reflection and enchantment to tickle the imagination…

‘Do you ever wonder why we are here?’ Elephant asked.
‘Not really,’ Cyrus said. ‘I guess we have to be somewhere. We’re not in the ocean or on top of the mountains. We’re not in the desert or in the rainforest. We’re just here. That’s ok with me, although I wouldn’t mind venturing over there some time, on a sunny day.’
‘Where?’ Elephant asked.
‘Over there,’ Cyrus said.
He pointed southwards, beyond the edge of the forest.
‘I’ve heard there’s less rain that way, or, at least, less often, and that they play different kinds of music down south.’
‘I’ve heard that, too,’ Elephant said. ‘Perhaps we could go together, some time. But that’s not what I meant. What I meant was: Why are we here at all? Why do we exist?’
‘Mmm,’ Cyrus said. ‘I may need more time to think about that.’

Petrus Ursem, ‘The Bigger Picture, Forty Friendly Fables’, published by Gresham House Studios Ltd.
(Paperback, 156 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9955717-4-7).