Singing Workshops

Online Vocal Workouts

Mondays 9.30am
Wednesdays 9am and 10am

A weekly half hour training session to help build and maintain vocal strength and flexibility. Gain better vocal control through developing good technique and building confidence.

COST: £5 per session (to pay in blocks of 6 sessions – £30)

Saturday 30 April & Sunday 1May (10am – 4pm/4.30pm)
Old Chapel, Calstock Arts, Cornwall
Max 30 singers
Public Showcase – Sunday 4pm

The beautiful Old Chapel in Calstock is the location for this glorious weekend of madrigal singing. All of the madrigals will be selected from the Oxford book of English Madrigals, and copies of scores and recordings are available well in advance of the weekend for those who would like to come prepared. There will be a half hour public showcase of the madrigals on Sunday afternoon at Calstock Arts.

For people travelling from further, we have three residential places at Gresham House, as well as our studio-apartment, and there are many lovely Air B&B’s in the area.

Friday to Sunday 1-3 July 
Max 8 singers
Cost: Non residential – £195; Residential £295

This weekend is an opportunity to fully explore and enjoy your singing potential. We will work with combination of vocal exercises and songs, including some ensemble singing. Participants are also encouraged to bring a solo song of any genre, but this is not obligatory. You will learn as much from listening to others as from your own singing experience. Prepare to be amazed at the transformation that can take place in a weekend of singing. 

Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 July
Max 6 participants
Cost: Non-residential £385; Residential £475

Peter and Helen exchange their teaching hats for aprons alternately, and the emphasis is on creativity, relaxation, lovely food and good conversation, all in the comfort of Gresham House, it’s wonderful surrounding countryside and well equipped studios. But don’t be mistaken: the dose of inspiration, skills and artistic satisfaction to be gathered during these four creative days is considerable! Walking and sketching along the river Tamar, group singing and songwriting, harmony singing and evening soiree are all on the menu, as well as time to snooze in the sunshine if necessary. If you like the idea of a relaxing creative holiday, with inspiration, musical and artistic nurturing at the heart of it, this is for you.

Thursday to Monday 4-8 August
With Helen Porter, Jonathan Taylor (piano) and James Budden (double bass)
Max 8 participants
Cost: Non-residential: £395; Residential: £495

Our Jazz Residential celebrates its tenth birthday – a measure of how popular this course is! Over the decade we have witnessed transformations from singers tipping toes nervously into jazz waters into becoming assured divas on stage. Three days of intensive training and rehearsal and then on stage at Calstock Arts, performing three jazz standards of your choice. Jazz warm ups, counting in, text interpretation, syncopation and so much more.  Jon, James and Helen will guide you through and prepare you for your performance. Your three standards must be memorised before the course begins, to give your self the best chance of a convincing performance on stage.

Friday to Sunday 26-28 August 
Max 8 participants
Cost: Non-residential: £235; Residential: £335

If you lead a choir or a cappella singing group, or are thinking of beginning one, or sing with a vocal ensemble, and think that deeper understanding of singing technique may benefit your work, this weekend is devised especially for you. As well as building on your knowledge of vocal technique, you will pick up new ideas on how to tackle all those familiar problems with ensemble singing – keeping on pitch, making sure text is audible, preventing singers from ‘pushing’ their voices and staying rhythmically focussed. Being among other choir leaders there will be opportunities to explore your own ideas and solutions, as the group will also sing together as an ensemble with some pre-selected repertoire.

For all queries contact Helen by email to