Singing Workshops

For all queries and/or bookings relating to the workshops offer this year contact Helen by email to

Online Vocal Workouts

£30 for 6 half hour sessions, weekly
Mondays (9.30am) and Wednesdays (9am or 10am)
Also available on YouTube for singers unable to make the ‘live’ times

A disciplined half hour vocal workout session for singers at any level. Each workout covers aspects of voice work including breath control, articulation for jaw, tongue and lips, soft palate work, vocal ‘onsets’, dynamics and many useful reminders of healthy vocal technique.

One day Studio Recording Workshop with Ed Bersey & Helen Porter

Max 3 singers
Sylvafield Recording Studios, Semley, Dorset
£295 per singer, all inclusive, 10am – 5pm
From May, dates flexible

A day for three singers to experience working in a professional studio set up, learning about:

  • Studio layout, key equipment and workflow (non-technical) 
  • Headphone and microphone technique (for recording)
  • Style tips for working as a backing singer or a lead singer
  • Vocal tools in action (how far is too far for autotune?)
  • “Vocal comping”, “punch in” and “over dubbing”
  • Multi-track layering (double and triple)

At the end of the day, you will receive your work mixed and mastered into a finished product which you can enjoy, use as a demo or a gift for friends and family. 2 songs per person – 5 mins in total (fast song & slow ballad). Please register your interest for this recording day asap. 

Individual Professional Studio Recording Workshop with Ed Bersey & Helen Porter

Sylvafield Studios, Semley, Dorset
From May – dates flexible

A 4 hour session recording (up to) 5 songs, including mixing and mastering. The session would be made up of approx. 2 hours recording time, and 2 hours listening back to tracks, editing, mixing and mastering individual tracks to produce a professional quality recording.  Finish the session with a CD of your tracks and “ready to release” digital music files. 

Your Unique Voice

Gresham House Studios, Friday to Sunday, 7th to 9th JULY
Friday from noon, finishing Sunday 4pm

Maximum 8 participants
Residential (x 4 places): £305
Non-residential (x 4 places): £185

An opportunity to explore the full range and possibilities of your unique voice. Sometimes a few simple vocal technique adjustments will make all the difference. This weekend will help you develop confidence and realise your own potential. A beautiful weekend of exploration and discovery, singing in a variety of styles, opening up each individual voice. Come with a song (or two) prepared, preferably from memory. Group warm ups and ensemble singing too.

Creative Arts Holiday

Gresham House, 13th to 16th JULY
Thursday from noon, finishing Sunday 4pm
Maximum 6 participants
£525 residential (x 4 places)
£385 non-residential (x 2 places)

Joyful days of music-making, drawing and painting, as well as time for relaxation and delicious meals in a lovely environment. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Tamar Valley, our incredible view across to Dartmoor and the vegetable garden in full flower. Gresham House offers plenty of inspiration for artists. Art (and/or creative writing) workshops are facilitated by Peter; music and singing workshops, and individual singing sessions if desired, are facilitated by Helen. 

Summer Madrigals Weekend

Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th August
Residential at Gresham House: (x 4 places, 2 nights) £205
Non-residential: £85
Saturday 10am – 4pm; Sunday 10am – 4.30pm
Venue: Old Chapel, Calstock Arts, Calstock

English madrigals selected from the Oxford Book of Madrigals for lovers of this wonderful genre. Chosen madrigals and practice recordings available prior to the weekend. This weekend will be held at the beautiful light and airy Calstock Arts venue, the Old Chapel. Two days of intensive rehearsal, finishing with a public performance of all the madrigals at 4pm on Sunday.

Song Writing Days

Gresham House, 16th to 19th August
Wednesday from noon, finishing Saturday 4pm
Maximum 6 participants
£525 residential (x 4 places)
£385 non-residential (x 2 places)

Song-writing is a way of encapsulating an idea or experience in melody and lyric, and is a very rewarding pursuit. Whether you are completely new to song-writing, or are more experienced, these days will give you the space, time and facilities to work. There will be creative input and facilitation from Helen – as much or as little as you need – as well as time to work alone. You don’t need to be able to notate music – Helen will help you to capture the ideas swirling around in your mind.  We will come together at intervals during the day to share the work, perform it and record. 

The Heart of Singing Jazz

Gresham House, 25th to 27th August
Friday from noon, finishing Sunday 4pm
Maximum 8 participants
Residential (x 4 places): £305
Non-residential (x 4 places): £185

A weekend for singers who would love to explore jazz singing. Jazz is a unique genre, with its own rhythms and rules, but it also enhances other genres of singing with its particular emphasis on delivery and interpretation. During the weekend you will be singing solo. We’ll also explore rhythm and vocal technique in group exercises. People very often think they don’t like jazz, but I’ve seen so many singers grow to love the genre once they know what it’s really all about, so dare to take the plunge! 

Open Singing Workshop

Sunday 17th September, 10am – 1pm  
Shaftesbury Town Hall


For choir singers and leaders who would like to brush up on vocal technique, or beginners in need of some confidence building. High notes, low notes, breath control, which muscles to relax and which to work harder- all clearly explained and explored through simple, soaring melodies and harmonies for an uplifting morning of singing.

Master Class with Helen Porter

Sunday 17th September, 1.30 pm – 6pm 
Shaftesbury Town Hall
Max 8 participants

A master class for singers who would like guidance about their individual singing. Open to singers at any level of experience. As well as your solo session with Helen, you will also learn from watching other singers. Bring two solos to perform (preferably) from memory (maximum 3 minutes song) in any genre. 

Keep an eye on Helen’s website for the October Jazz Residential with Jonathan Taylor, James Budden and Helen Porter, as well as master classes with Judith Sheridan (classical). The Liane Carroll (jazz) scheduled for September is now FULL.

For all queries contact Helen by email to